Bake | Matcha Shortbread Cookies

I’ve recently gotten into a phase of matcha madness which sees me craving for matcha in all shapes and forms. I’ve been cafe hopping around Melbourne in search for that perfect matcha latte, researching Japanese cafes for matcha desserts and even savoury matcha dishes like ochazuke (matcha poured over cooked rice with savoury toppings). In recent years … More Bake | Matcha Shortbread Cookies

Eat | Scrumptious Omakase | Minamishima

I’ve always been curious about an authentic omakase experience but I’ve never really gotten the chance to try one. Thankfully, a good friend of mine suggested to celebrate her birthday this year at Minamishima. I immensely enjoyed my 15 course omakase experience at Minamishima, it was truly divine. We were first served an entrée, followed … More Eat | Scrumptious Omakase | Minamishima