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There has been a growing popularity in Melbourne cafes to include Asian-fusion dishes on their menu. Kitty Burns is definitely one of these top notch cafes.

Torched kingfish with kimchi mayonnaise, leek ash, sea succulents, roast sesame dressing, edamame beans, Japanese rice, poached egg.Kingfish near 1The roast sesame dressing was very fragrant and went very well with the Japanese rice and the lean kingfish. The kimchi complemented the mayonnaise very well. Overall, the dish had well balanced flavours from the dressing, mayo and fish and interesting textures. This was probably my first time trying sea succulents, they were crispy and juicy.

Kingfish Flatlay

It felt like I was eating a deconstructed Japanese nigiri that was very beautifully plated. Beautifully lined, the dish looked different from different angles. Kingfish with drops of sauce and edamame beans on one side and rice on the other, topped with fresh greens, poached egg and edible flowers. What a great visual feed!

I’m not a huge fan of kingfish as it is very lean, I’d prefer a slightly more fatty fish such as tuna, salmon or ocean trout but that’s my personal preference.

Kingfish rice


Meet Mr Burns’ – Dry cured bacon slab, spiced bon bons, bacon jam, clonakilty black pudding, poached eggs, cap mushroom, spinach, my gentleman’s relish, toast.Mr Burns high.JPGAll hail the chef at Kitty Burns for this dish. The biggest plus for this dish was the SLAB of bacon. This was the first time I encountered a slab and not strips of bacon. The bacon slab was very tasty and I loved how it wasn’t greasy at all. Look at the charred streaks on the bacon, they definitely enhanced the bacon taste, bringing out a very good smoky flavour. This whole dish was definitely umami-loaded, the bacon, the black pudding, the spiced bon bons and mushrooms. This will definitely make a great start to a day!


Mr Burns flatlay


Eton Mess – Coconut yoghurt, strawberry textures, spiced meringue, activated buckwheat clusters, wild orange and goji  berries.Eton Mess 1This was the most non-messy Eton Mess I’ve ever seen! It was simply too pretty to eat. The coconut yoghurt was light and refreshing, though the coconut flavour was a little too subtle for my liking. It looked better than it tasted, maybe because no flavours could beat aesthetics like this!

Eton Mess 2


Mac ‘N Cheese Croquette

MnC CutThis dish combined two of my favourites into one, Mac ‘N Cheese and croquettes, but better! Crispy on the outside, without compromising the textures and heartiness from the Mac ‘N Cheese. This deep-fried piece of goodness was simply great, it brought back my childhood memories. I was so glad I ordered this as an extra side.

Spread HighSpread Low

Kitty Burns also has a great range of pastries on the counter, stocked from top Melbourne bakeries – Rustica Sourdough, Bistro Morgan and The Dessert Parlour.Donuts



Kitty Burns is definitely one of my favourite cafes to visit for their delicious brunch, and also for a quick pastries and coffee session. I love the beautiful Nordic style interior with lots of natural lighting. I also love how it’s just next to Yarra river, with a leafy walking trail. This makes it so convenient for me to walk off the extra sides or sweet pastries I’d devoured, or simply to stroll lazily on a beautiful Sunday.

Interior 2interior seatsInterior 1Coffee


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