Visit | Wisteria Archway | Alowyn Gardens

Alowyn Gardens 4| Wisteria Archway |

It is worth a day trip to view the Wisteria Archway at the Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen!

Alowyn Gardens 3

Lush, beautiful lavender-blue blooms cascading down from the arch. Walking through this archway felt rather fairy-tale like to me. I imagined a couple of geishas dressed in beautiful kimonos strolling under a beautiful Japanese Wisteria archway. This archway has inspired me to visit the larger, whimsical Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Tunnel in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. This is going into my bucket list!

The wisteria is usually in full bloom for approximately three to four weeks in October each year dependent on the weather. We visited this archway on the 11th of October. To avoid disappointment it is best to call before taking a drive down to check if they’re still blooming. Although Wisteria Archway was definitely my highlight at the Alowyn Gardens, there are other things to do as well – gardens, a nursery and a cafe.

Parterre Garden - Alowyn Gardens| Parterre Garden |

| French Style Garden |

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